Esperanza from Executive Producer Tracy Myers & Emmy Award Winning Director Nick Nanton

Leading the Way to a Future with Hope…

When Seattle Mariners catcher Dave Valle came to the Dominican Republic to play winter ball in 1985, he was only expecting to improve his baseball.

Instead, he found a lifetime commitment.

Motivated by the poverty he and his wife witnessed during his visits to the region, Dave and his wife founded Esperanza in 1995, an organization dedicated to giving those who needed it “a hand up, not a hand out.”

Now, this absorbing film chronicles Esperanza’s inspirational and moving story – through the eyes of those whose lives have been changed in incredible ways. Discover how local families have been empowered to become entrepreneurs – with businesses that have lifted both their incomes and their spirits. And see the renewed hope for a brighter future in the eyes of their children.
Valle describes Esperanza as the “gift that keeps on giving.” In this film, you’ll see just how valuable that gift can be.