Uncle Frank is a great man. He is as wise as he is old. He has a southern charm about him that makes him a gentleman’s gentleman and a man of honor. He has more business savvy on his worst day than any high falootin’ Wall Street lawyer has on his very best day. He operates with only two words in his business vocabulary:
honesty and integrity. He doesn’t know doing business any other way. You’d better hope you don’t either or he’ll sure call you out on it.

Like most brilliant entrepreneurs, he is crazy – ‘crazy like a fox’, that is. Uncle Frank is so smart that his mind never stops working. Because of that his thoughts don’t either, so sometimes they get to his mouth before they’ve been fully processed by his brain. Translated, that means that he is brutally honest. He says all the things most people think, but don’t have the courage or ability to say. When it comes to being politically correct, Uncle Frank just ain’t your kinda
guy. Thank goodness! That’s what makes him so unique in today’s politically correct “yes man” world.

He is an All-American guy. He is red, white and blue to the core and no one is more proud to be an American than he is. He loves God, his family and his country. He appreciates the men and women of the United States Military, and I’ve even seen his eyes well up with tears as he’s heard the Star Spangled Banner at a ball game as he takes his hat off and places his hand over his heart.

Uncle Frank believes in democracy, a free-market economy and capitalism at its best. He is a staunch conservative in his business principles as well as his personal ideals. He believes in getting more with less and making customers more than just customers – they are his friends. Uncle Frank doesn’t just talk about family values – he lives them.

There has never been a man, short of the Lord Jesus Christ, who has loved me more or taught me more about business and about life than Uncle Frank. I think you will find his pearls of wit and wisdom to be not only true, but most helpful if you will just apply them to your daily life. Reading them is easy, applying them takes effort.

Uncle Frank is solid, as hard as a rock. He’s worked for everything he’s ever gotten and he expects everyone else to do the same. He doesn’t mind helping people who can’t help themselves, but he’s not for helping anyone who can help themselves but won’t.

Uncle Frank can be like a huge grizzly bear if you mess with his God, family, country or customers, but deep down inside, he is a big lovable teddy bear – one who might even shed a tear every now and then.

He is the epitome of John Wayne, Will Rogers, Lee Iacocca, Charlton Heston, Sam Walton, Jerry Clower and Zig Ziglar all rolled into one, but he is no man’s fool – not for one minute. You just cross him and you will find out.

He’s also a little like a southern gentleman’s version of Donald Trump in that he’s street-smart, has business savvy, knows what he wants and goes after it full speed ahead. He doesn’t make excuses and he lets nothing get in his way of doing what he thinks is right.

Uncle Frank is a little bit of everything and a whole lot of something – something special and unique, that is – a dying breed of American men that just don’t exist in today’s business world again. They just don’t make men like that anymore – those who say what they mean and mean what they say. When he makes a business deal with you and shakes hands on it, you can take it to the bank. His word is his bond and it’s as strong as any 100-year-old oak you can find.

When Uncle Frank considers you a friend, he is your friend in good times and in bad times. As a matter of fact, he may even grow closer to you in the bad times because he knows that’s when you need him the most.

He believes in making a good living, but believes he can make money without robbing you of yours. He will give you the best deal he’s got. He genuinely wants you both to be happy with your business transaction at the end of the day. Uncle Frank loves wheelin’ and dealin’ in and of itself. The profit never really matters to him. Sometimes he is even willing to take a loss. He just loves the ‘chase’ – the ‘sell’. It doesn’t even matter what he’s selling as long as he’s selling.
He loves it that much. So much in fact, that he’d just as soon trade for a mule as a Rolex.

It is my hope that as you read along in this book, you will take in all the Uncle “Frank-isms” you can, so that you can benefit from his years of experience and knowledge too. I don’t want to be selfish and keep him all to myself; I want to share him with the world.

Why would I want you to beat your head against a wall all day long trying to figure out the meaning of life, how to motivate your employees, treat your customers or increase your sales when I can simply tell you what Uncle Frank has taught me all these years? It will save you lots of energy and effort.

Just read along and if you learn just one half of all that I have learned from what Uncle Frank ‘sez’, you’ll be feelin’ mighty fine and on your way to greater successes now and in the future than at any other time in your life.

– Taken from the #1 best-selling book Uncle Frank ‘Sez’: Life lessons From The Front Porch Of A Self-Made Man! written by Tracy Myers, owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx and son of Frank Myers aka Uncle Frank. To get your free e-book edition of Uncle Frank ‘Sez’, simply fill out the form below.