Showcase Your Expertise by Sharing Your Knowledge

The Worldwide Expert Network gives you the platform you
need to grow your business

In order to be recognized as the top expert in your field today, it’s all about sharing what you know and providing people with answers to their problems.

After all, what good is expertise if you don’t have a vehicle to disseminate that information to the people who need it most? America needs your skills and knowledge and The Worldwide Expert Network will give you expert status recognition and promote you to others.

You know what networking is like: You meet new people and talk with them about what you do and how you can help solve issues and they have some clients who could use your expertise … clients you’d never reach without that connection.

And that’s exactly how The Worldwide Expert Network works.

We give our members a place to share their expertise by providing great, free content to the world. This expert information network puts you in a league of your own where you are seen as the go-to person in your field. This is your chance to tell what you know on a website that reaches millions of people every day and gets you the recognition you richly deserve.

Here’s the double-pronged mission of The Worldwide Expert Network

√ Get noticed by consumers and journalists by providing content that is relevant to their searches – You will be the one they turn to again and again for the right answers to their problems

√ Use the Network for wider exposure to potential clients – You’ll have a stage on which to be seen, a one-of-a-kind listing in our Expert Directory with information about you and your services, and you’ll have access to our proprietary marketing tools to help grow your business

Not everyone is admitted into this exclusive society of experts. Why? Because it’s critically important to preserve the integrity of this group – which is why we require an application and conduct a careful background check on everyone interested in joining. The application and background check are free of charge.

It’s really about pride of association. We want you to be proud of the experts you’re in company with and this also ensures that the information given to consumers and journalists is of the highest quality possible.

Once you’re approved as a member, here’s what we ask in return: Free content from your newsletter, blog or articles. You don’t have to worry about rewriting anything if you don’t want to or don’t have time – simply submit your material to us and we handle the rest.

This makes sure that consumers, writers and even other experts will get the benefit of your expertise. It’s a win-win situation because it’s a great way to give back to the community and position yourself as the expert in your field.

If you like writing useful, fresh content, here’s another opportunity I think you’ll be interested in: becoming a columnist for The Worldwide Expert Network website.

Are you wondering what’s in it for you? Thought so …

1) The Academy supports and promotes you and your expertise for added name recognition and increased business value

2) A web page dedicated solely to you and your expertise – This page will be found in the Worldwide Expert Network Directory and optimized for high quality, targeted searches so writers and potential clients can learn more about you and your business and even be able to contact you directly

3) A professional press release announcing your induction into this elite society of experts will be written and distributed to national media outlets. That means syndication of your press release – telling the world about you and this prestigious membership — and that’s money in your pocket. Having third party verification … someone other than you or your staff writing about you … helps you rank higher in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing

4) A Certificate of Recognition showing you to be a member in good standing – Frame this and place it in a public place in your office. You’ll even get a jpeg copy of this Certificate to use on your website and in your marketing materials

5) Permission to use the Worldwide Expert Network logo on all of your marketing materials whether they’re online or offline

6) Drive more qualified and targeted traffic to your website through syndication of your content that appears in our online portal

7) Add this to your impressive resume: National Columnist. Because that’s exactly what you’ll be when you supply content to Worldwide Expert Network!

8) Become a featured expert in our monthly online newsletter – Each time your article is listed in a featured position, you’ll need to put your web host on notice that you’re about to get a flood of visitors and email because your website will also be listed in that featured spot. This puts you front and center for any journalist who needs your expertise

9) Get in on our extra special “Experts Only” teleseminars and webinars – We make sure these events are chock full of everything you need to know to grow your business including tips, techniques and inside secrets about marketing, branding and business growth from the top experts in the country

10) Added promotional opportunities – We leverage our relationships with media outlets to bring you the best chances of increased exposure for you and your business. You’ll have priority access to these once-in-a-lifetime value added services

11) Special discounts for our members to attend training programs
Are you wondering what this membership costs? You’ll be amazed at how small the fee is in comparison to the thousands of dollars in benefits you’ll receive. Most membership fees in a group this elite could cost as much as $2,500 per year. Just getting the services of a professional copywriter to craft and distribute your press release to a national audience would cost at least that much.

But the fee for membership in The Worldwide Expert Network isn’t even close to that. In fact, it’s less than 1/5th of that amount: $479.40 is all it will cost you for an entire year of promotion and syndication of your hot-off-the-presses material. You can even pay this in a monthly fee of $39.95 if you’d like.

We Take All the Risk So You Don’t Have To

You have nothing to lose … and everything to gain … from membership in The Worldwide Expert Network because there are no annual contracts to sign or adhere to. In fact, you can cancel your membership at any time – but I don’t think you will! And once you see the benefits of your membership take hold, you’ll wonder why you didn’t join a long time ago.

What are you waiting for? Click here to be taken to our online application. After submitting your application, we’ll acknowledge its receipt and will let you know the status of your membership the moment we conclude your review and background check.

After acceptance into The Worldwide Expert Network you’ll be contacted by our Membership Director with all the details you’ll need for your web page listing and the best way to send your articles to us for syndication.

Thanks for being willing to give back to the public through your expert insight on the issues in your field. I know you’ll be glad you joined.

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