Want to be the Next Celebrity Expert Appearing on Oprah or Ellen?

Does that headline sound impossible? It’s not and here’s why: Talk shows are desperate for great guests and the ones who get booked most often are the ones with a book out there.

You’ve seen how a book launched experts like Mark Victor Hansen of the Chicken Soup series and Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s Robert T. Kiyosaki. They’re both making money not only from their books but also from the lecture circuit and are sought after for their advice.

Writing a book that hosts are hot to promote is as close as Tracy Myers and his crack publishing team at Worldwide Expert Press. It doesn’t matter if you flunked high school English and hated creative writing class. Tracy and his team will help you organize your thoughts, expertise and stories into a best seller.

With Tracy’s help, you’ll get your book written and published while you’re tending to other things. His team includes professional writers — just waiting for your project — to launch you to stardom.

Here’s how it works: The writers assigned to help you … imagine having your own personal writing staff! … interview you and put together an extensive outline of your book. They go over it with you so you’re happy with it and then write it for you. How cool is that?

It’s up to you what you want to include but people love stories so you’ll want to tell yours. Even the bad stuff works really well because people will be able to identify with you and you’ll form that all-important common bond with your readers (and new fans). There’s only one you out there and people need your insight and advice.

And your new book will deliver it to them.

After your book is finished to your satisfaction, the Worldwide Expert Press team kicks into high gear and finishes it up with a beautifully crafted design. Pair that with a publishing contract through Worldwide Expert Press’s boutique publishing company and you’re already on your way to the big time.

But here’s where some people fall down. They write a book, it gets published, and they sit back waiting for the money to roll in and clients to call.

Sadly, it usually doesn’t happen that way.
That’s why Worldwide Expert Press also promotes and distributes your book too. And it isn’t just a garden variety promotion that falls on a disinterested audience. You want your book to be promoted to an audience that’s thirsty for the information you’re providing. Those sales — that audience — is what will rocket you to the top of the New York Times Best Seller List.

Your book will be one of the best sales tools you’ll ever have. From online and offline, pod casts and postcards, yours will be the name on every talk show producer’s hot guest list.

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3 EZ Pieces to a Best Seller
There are a couple of ways to get into print with Worldwide Expert Press and all of them require just one thing: Your professional knowledge in your niche.

I can imagine what you might be thinking: There’s a whole lot more to publishing than just you … am I right? We’re both right actually but there are three easy ways to get your expertise into a published volume.

1. Get Your Already-Written Work in Book Form – How many times have you been to a party or gathering and overheard someone say, “I’ve finished my book but just don’t know what to do next”? If you already have a book written, we can help with the “next” part. Tracy’s team at Worldwide Expert Press will get your work edited, designed, printed, and distributed for you so you your work of art is no longer in a drawer collecting dust. Ready to get on the road to superstardom? Just click here to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

2. See Your Ideas Turn into Gold – If writing isn’t something that gets your juices flowing, no worries. The beauty of the Worldwide Expert Press system is that you’ll have access to a stable of writers who will do the heavy lifting for you. And these aren’t just any writers; they’re award winning wordsmiths who will work one-on-one with you to capture your voice and tone. No one will know you didn’t write it! Click here to get in touch with us — we’re ready to listen and help you.

3. Jump Start to Stardom – If you’ve thought about being a writer for a book already in process, Worldwide Expert Press is the place for you. There are always a multitude of books taking shape that need your specific expertise. All you have to do is write one chapter in your business niche. It will be joined with the chapters from other authors, shaped into a best seller, and you’ll be on your way to collect your National Book Award. Click here to get on the fast track to success.
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From the Desk of Tracy E. Myers, CMD

Whether it’s your first book or your 50th, nothing matches the thrill of opening up a box to find your new book inside. It used to be that authors were finished with their part of the process after turning in their last drafts.

Not so any more.

It’s not enough to get the writing done. You have to be a good marketer, too, and that’s true if you’re self publishing or have a contract with one of the Big 7 publishing houses in New York City.

When you’re selected to write a chapter for one of our award winning books, you’ll get …

• A private consult with either myself or one of my team to help you develop your chapter including assistance with honing in on your topic, coming up with a catchy title and help writing it

• A press release distributed nationwide announcing your selection as a chapter author. This press release will work hard to not only increase traffic to your website through a link but will be another feather in your writing cap

• Listing of your book on sites like Amazon.com and BN.com (Barnes and Noble) in addition to being listed on other sites hosted by online booksellers

• Availability of the book to bookstores all over the country through one of the book industry’s largest distributors – This is the key to getting some lucrative book tours and bookstore signings

• 10 FREE copies of the book (if you need more … and you will! … you can always purchase what you need)

• The book in electronic version so you can easily send it to book reviewers and television producers with a click of a mouse

• Access to our proprietary training – This instruction shows you how to use your book to your best advantage and keep those clients calling

• Two more press releases – One announcing the publication of the book as well as one telling the world when it breaks records and becomes an award winner

• Admission into the exclusive National Alliance of Award-Winning Authors and a Certificate of Recognition for this prestigious invitation-only membership
Ready to get started? This premium publishing deal comes with a silver lining:
We have an easy installment plan so you don’t have to worry about putting all the money up front right now:

$935/month for 3 months

If you want to receive 10 hardback copies of your book, we’re throwing in a bonus: you can elect the four-month installment plan.

That’s only $2,985 for everything: Designing and printing your book, making it available nationwide in bookstores and online, promotion of your publishing deal and book launch through multiple press releases, and 10 hard bound copies.

It just takes a minute to take the first step on your path to stardom. How about starting right now …

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