Starbucks Experience SecretsGREG: Welcome to the fifth and final entry of Uncle Frank’s 21 Secrets of Creating a Money-Making Customer Experience. Today we’re wrapping up our final conversation with Tracy Myers, founder of the Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group and the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem.

Now that we’ve gone through all twenty-one secrets, let’s kind of break it down for everyone that’s been listening throughout these five parts.
Can you give some specific steps or some specific actions that are going to help all the business owners listening to improve and enhance their customer experience, which ultimately, really, is going to help them grow their business?
TRACY: Well, instead of lots of small ones, I’m going to share one big
one. That one big action step to take today: get creative or find someone in your organization who is, and learn to wow your customers.
Please know that you have to have the right people and processes in place first or the wow factor won’t work. It can’t be bad people, bad processes, and a wow experience. It doesn’t happen that way.
But if you’ve got the right people and the right processes in place, and you bring someone on or create a wow factor yourself in your business, then nothing will take your business like another level like the wow factor will.
The secret to wowing your customers is to look for problems they would love for you to solve, but don’t expect you to. Then when you do, you’ll wow them. I’d like to end with another story about Disney, for a matter of fact.
We just got back from Disney again; we love Disney. We were there about two weeks ago and I rarely rent a car when I go there and we didn’t stay in the resort.
I was there on part business, part pleasure; the family’s with me and the first couple times we took a standard cab. Anyone that’s rode in any cab, USA, in any city, USA, knows what that experience is like. There is no experience in a cab.
So when we were at the hotel one day, we were getting ready to leave, and I don’t really like riding the shuttles either because I like me and my family to enjoy that time together and when you’re on a bus, mass transit with fifty other people, that’s kind of tough, especially with smaller children that want to run up and down the aisles of the bus; that’s another story for another day.
I asked the hotel if there was another way that we could get to the park. They said of course. So we waited outside for five minutes and a big black Yukon came and pulled up right outside.
A guy came out in a white shirt, black tie, black pants: “Waiting for a ride, sir?” I said, “Absolutely.” “Going to Disney?” “Yes, I am.” “Please get in.” He opened the door, he pulled the stool out, we got inside, he said, “What radio station do you listen to?”
I said, “Sir, I have no idea, I’m from out of town.” “Well, what type of music do you listen to?” I told him; he found the station for me. He asked the kids- this is before we take off, now- he asked the children what kind of movies they like, and they were amazed that he was asking.
Of course, my daughter’s six, my son is nine, so the disconnect between Dora the Explorer and whatever my son’s into- Pokémon- they found something that they would watch together on the DVD player in the back, which made my wife really happy.
So we get a peaceful trip to Disney. Before we got out, the guy says, “When are you coming back?” We said, “We have no idea, sir. Whenever we get tired and get ready.”
He gave us a card and said, “When you get ready, you call me. I’ll be here; give me fifteen minutes.” Well, guess who we used for the rest ofthe week for our trips back and forth to the park, and guess who got a very, very substantial amount of money from tips at the end of the week?
When he took us to the airport there was a traffic jam; he found the alternate routes and got us there no sweat, no nothing. And guess who I’ll call the next time I’m in Florida and need transportation?
I’ll call him because he provided me the wow experience that I wasn’t expecting. When he delivered, he knocked that home run out of the park. And guess what I’m doing today?
I’m telling you, Greg, and all the listeners know about it as well, and there’s no better form of marketing and advertising than creating that wow factor and having an advocate like I am for this cab driver in Florida. You need, and business owners need, and I need consumer advocates like that for my business.
GREG: I guess all I can say after hearing that story and all twenty-one secrets to you is, wow. This has been a great experience and I want to thank you for taking the time out to go over all these secrets and strategies that have been so important to the success of not only your business but yourself, personally and professionally.
What I wanted to do now is after going through these twenty-one secrets, I’m sure that some of the people are going to have some more questions, or maybe they’re going to want to work with you. I know that you have some great services and some great ways of connecting with business owners.
I was hoping that you could share a little bit about what you do to help car dealership owners to have more success, deliver a better a customer experience into their businesses.
TRACY: The easiest way for businesses to learn more about the twenty one secrets that we talked about today, among other things, is to actually apply for membership into the Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group, which meets in Charlotte 3 times a year.
The Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group is a great idea; we actually bring automotive professionals together from across the United States and Canada and we moderate the conversation for people who are already top performers or who are ready to take the action needed to become one of the best in the industry.

In fact, I believe in this group so much that anyone who can’t make an additional $100,000 in the next 12 months from what they learn from being a member, the chances are they won’t be invited back the following year. Anyone interested can find out more at
GREG: That’s great, Tracy. Thanks again for sharing that resource; I encourage everyone to check out There are some great resources on the page and you can find out when they are having their next meeting. Tracy, once again, thanks for sharing these twenty-one secrets with everyone.
TRACY: It’s been all my pleasure and it has been lots of fun.
GREG: That’s one of the success principles and I had a lot of fun as well, and I hope everyone listening did. Again, at this point you should have a full action guide with a lot of things you can bring back to your business and to your team members and ultimately deliver a great customer experience. I want to thank you all for going through this program and we will speak to you all real soon.
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