Does Your Teacher/Trainer/Consultant Walk The Walk?

Auto Sales Consultant

TRUE STORY: A General Manager of a BIG dealer group called me one afternoon about securing my training services. Allow me to share “the meat” of the conversation with you. As always, names have not been used to protect their ignorance.

Him: “I’ve spoken with several trainers and consultants before you. I know what I’m looking for. May I email you a list of questions that I want you to answer before we go any further?”
Me: “Sure.”
Him: “Good. Please don’t be insulted. I’ve asked all of the trainers the same questions that I’m asking you.”
I receive the email and a few of the questions were as follows: What type of car do you drive? Where do you live? When you travel, do you fly 1st class? How big is your house? Do you own a beach house? How many times a year do you speak? Where is the last place you went on vacation? What’s the most expensive piece of clothing you own? Are you an international company? Etc, Etc.
There were 25 of these random and odd questions. When I read them, I called the dealer back.
Me: “Thank you for your email but I believe you left off the most important question.”
Him: “Which question is that?” (sounding very confused)
Me: “In my modest opinion, it’s the question you should ask ALL trainers who you are considering to hire for your dealer group. You didn’t ask me when I sold my last car.”
Him: (silence followed by an expletive) “I NEVER thought about that but you are so right! So…when DID you sell your last car?”
Me: “About 2 hours ago.”
I received his signed contract and a credit card deposit less than half hour later. Remember: it’s easy to talk the talk but do they also walk the walk. The best teacher/trainers/consultants did it and STILL do it.