Dealerships Can Achieve Results Using Social Media/Part 1

Dissecting Social Media For Car DealershipsAs I travel the country and consult auto dealers, they seem to fall into 2 camps regarding the use of social media as an effective marketing tool. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to discuss the differences in those camps as well as share some examples of businesses who are doing it right as well as some who are doing it dreadfully wrong.

No ROI In Social Media

The largest category of dealers I speak to fall into the category that I’ll affectionately label No ROI In Social Media. Their words, not mine. They don’t all dislike it. In fact, some use it a lot in their personal lives. However, they feel that it is a waste of their employees time where their business is concerned. Why? Easy answer. They don’t see it producing an ROI, or Return On Investment.

YES To Social Media

Of course, the remainder of the dealers I work with fall into the category that I’ll label as YES To Social Media. In short, they believe in the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest. However, it’s alarming to me that most aren’t sure how they know it’s working. Even fewer actually have a social media strategy. When I ask them about their social media process, they generally stare at me with a strange look on their face.

You’re Doing It Wrong

If your dealership isn’t seeing results by using social media, then you’re doing it wrong. The good news is that success leaves clues and there are many businesses outside of our industry successfully using effective social media strategies to both grow as well as show a return on their investment. We’ll examine some of those as well as some of those who are failing miserably.

Which Camp Are You In?

So…which camp does your dealership fall in? Are you ready to learn the right way? Are you willing to invest the time it takes? Stay tuned for part 2. Coming soon.

Who Is Tracy Myers?

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