“Tracy Myers is a visionary…
a Walt Disney for a new generation.”

– Brian Tracy, New York Times Best-Selling Author

21 Secrets Of Creating A Money-Making Customer Experience/Part 1

Module 1: Overview of the 21 Secrets

PTF 21 secretsGREG: Hi and welcome to Uncle Frank’s 21 Secrets of Making a Money-Making Customer Experience. My name is Greg Rollett and on today’s program we have Tracy Myers.

If you guys want more information about Tracy, you can visit and learn more at www.TracyMyers.com. Tracy, welcome to today’s program.

TRACY: Greg, it is so good to be here. Thanks for having me.

GREG: We’re really excited to have you and we’re excited to reveal these 21 secrets of creating this money-making customer experience, but for those that are just getting involved in learning about you and what you do, I’d love if you could share a little bit about your passion, how you got into the industry that you got into, and how you made that transition to really helping others.

TRACY: Well, Greg, that’s a great way to lead into today’s program.You know, I really didn’t want to get into the family business. It’s a classic story of something that I really didn’t want to do because I wanted to set myself apart from my father.

My great-grandfather started the very first Frank Myers store more than 83 years ago, believe it or not, and when I was coming up it was just something I didn’t want to do because I wanted to forge my own path.

When I went to college I actually was going to study radio and television and did for a while, and I realized that the jobs I was getting offered was where I could make the money that I felt that I was worth, of course, being eighteen years old and all the experience I had at the time.

But I saw an ad in the paper and it said “Make as much as five thousand dollars a month and work your own schedule selling cars”. Even though I didn’t want to sell cars, I saw this ad and I said you know what, I know I can do that and I can probably do that just through college and I know I can make lots of money and then I can continue doing what I’m going to do.

Well, a funny thing happened while I was selling cars: I actually started enjoying it and making a lot of money doing it, and I realized that it wasn’t the industry that I didn’t like, it was the perception of the industry is what I didn’t like about it.

So I kind of went on a mission at that moment in time to change the perception of the used car industry and really the car industry in general. After working there an entire year through college, I was going to college from 8 to 1 and selling cars from 3 to midnight and my father knew nothing about it.

I called him up one day, and this was after a year and I said, “Dad, guess what? I’ve been selling cars for a year.” He said, “Well, that sounds great.” “And I think I’m ready to come home to the family business, I’m not in school anymore.” And he said, “Yeah, I know.”

Of course, I didn’t think he knew but the older we get the smarter our parents get, you know? And he said, “Yeah, I think I can make a place for you, come on in.”

So I left my job and I was making really good money at that point in time, I’d moved up to a sales manager actually at 18 years old. I came home, came to the dealership the next day, I had my shirt and tie on, and he said, “I think you’re a little overdressed, aren’t you?”

I said, “What do you mean? I’m going to be selling cars.” And he said “No, you’re going to be working in the detail shop.” Well, at that moment I was really angry, of course, but it was the best lesson my father ever taught me at that moment in time.

So here I am today, all these years later, and we’re real fortunate to have the business that we have here. It really has become the mission not only to change the perception of the automotive industry, but to create an experience for our customers that visit the store every day.

GREG: That was a really great story because it really does lead into all the things we’re going to talk about. I know through your experience just being that sales rep and then running your family business you’ve got these secrets and these strategies that have made you and your company successful.

That’s what we’re really going to cover in this first module and what I want to do is I kind of wanted to give everyone an overview and talk about why customer experience is so crucial, not just in today’s economy but in business in general.

– To Be Continued. Stay Tuned For Part 2 Coming Soon!

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