How To Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace

How To Stand Out In A Crowded MarketplaceHow does a business successfully stand out in a crowded marketplace? Dames Almost Word Famous Chicken & Waffles with locations in Greensboro and Durham, NC knows how. Here’s what they did:

1) They took the unsexy combo of chicken & waffles and gave them quirky names like Dueling Roosters and The Frizzled Fowl. (They made it memorable)

2) They replaced plain butter with their own Heaven-sent creation named “Shmears”. What are these mouth watering concoctions? Sweet crème butters that are delicately whipped with fresh, natural ingredients. (They made it unique & exclusive to their business)

3) They made their restaurants small which forces customers to wait. Our wait was over an hour…for chicken & waffles?! Did I wait? Yes. Did I mind? Not once I tried the food! (They made it seem exclusive & in demand).

There are MANY other lessons that business owners and entrepreneurs could learn from the genius known as Dames. Even small details like their tag line, “Almost World Famous”, make this place a case study in marketing and branding. It’s also a case study in expanding waist lines but that’s another story for another day.

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