Easy Prospecting Tip

My good friend Robert Wiesman, aka Your Hyundai Guy from Massey Hyundai, has found a simple and cost effective way to make his son’s 1st grade teacher aware that he is an automotive sales professional. How? He puts his business card in his son’s homework folders from school. One thing is for certain: it is guaranteed that his card will have a captive audience and will always be seen. What if he took this awesome concept a step further and put his business card and a small note inside of every bill that he pays? The note could say something like this:

“The way I am able to pay my utility bill on time is by selling nicer, newer vehicles to hard working people just like YOU. So I can continue to pay this bill on time, please keep me in mind when you are shopping for your next vehicle. I’ve enclosed my card so you can contact me direct with any questions.”

Remember if people don’t know WHO you are and WHAT you do, then you’re letting luck dictate your income. I don’t know about you but I’ll take skill, hard work and perseverance over luck any day.

prospecting tips


Shortly after reading this post, Robert sent me a message: “Tracy Myers, if I ever actually sent in bills through the mail I would do that! Thanks for the kind words brother. Nothing is more motivating then someone you look up to and emulate praising you! Awesome!”

Since I have successfully been using this technique for many years, I suggested to Robert that he start paying his bills using traditional mail. Inconvenient? Perhaps. However, it’s pain VS gain. Is the potential gain of additional clients and income worth the pain of writing checks and using snail mail? From my experience, the answer is a resounding YES!