My Life In Sales…So Far

Tracy Myers w/ Uncle Frank 

I’ve been in some type of sales for as long as I can remember…auto sales full-time for the past 27. My dad had me hustling flea markets and auction houses with him by the time I was in 5th grade. He would buy a van full of stuff and he paid me for everything I sold. I realized right away that if I kept a positive attitude and provided massive value to the customer that I would win a lot more than I would lose. And my dad always said that losing was ok…I just had to win more. So at 47 years young, I still have a passion for serving others and providing them with so much value that they would never even consider my competition. And even though I can make most customers happy most of the time…even if they don’t buy from me…there are always those that are a challenge. If you’ve never dealt with the public, you’ll probably never understand how difficult it is to keep a smile on your face when they come in with a chip on their shoulder and strap an imaginary bullseye on your forehead. It’s not the way it should be, but that’s on them. I don’t allow their negativity to bring me down and I certainly don’t allow it to define who I am as a sales professional. Instead, I remind myself of the literally thousands of people my Team Members and I have served. It makes me smile and gives me affirmation that the service we’re providing is about so much more than the car business. It’s about the people business. The cars we sell are interchangeable but there is only one of me and me is all I know to be.