Frankism #2 – Customers Must LOVE Your Process

“To achieve maximum success, customers must love your process as much as your products.”

2010UncleFrankThe perfect example of this Uncle Frankism is McDonald’s. No matter where you are, Russia, China or any of our 50 states, you can go to a McDonald’s and get basically the same hamburger. Their company’s processes are solid, tested and proven to be effective. That is one of the reasons they have achieved maximum success.

Most famous for their fries, they have the same fries in all of their international locations. They have taken ordinary potatoes (which anyone can buy) and created a product that millions of people around the world love. Whether its Poland or Alaska, McDonald’s fries are cooked the same way, in the same type of fryer, with the same type of oil, and the same amount of salt added. They taste the same and are served fresh and hot (in basically the same types of paper bags and boxes).

They have perfected not only their product, but also their process – what they purchase, how they preserve its flavor and how they cook, wrap and present it.

People want their food fast and consistent. McDonald’s gives them that.

There may be a different or better burger down the street, but if people see a McDonald’s while on a trip, they know what they will get – the same fast food packaged in the same way they get it at home. People know that McDonald’s processes are as good and reliable as their products.

When Uncle Frank was looking for a way to grow his car dealership, he turned to McDonalds for inspiration. He knew he would have to create a process that customers loved, and required that it be customer-friendly. In order to provide such, Uncle Frank eliminated commission-based sales in an effort to remove an outdated, unfriendly process.

He wanted his customers to have a better car shopping experience, instead of being hassled by a salesperson whose next paycheck depended on how much over invoice price they could charge their customers. So, he developed a consistent customer-friendly process of selling cars.

It became a well-known fact that buying a car from UncleFrank was an easy and pleasant process – honesty, fairness, prices posted right on the car, and all the free information that a car shopper wanted, with NO pressure to buy today and a quick and friendly check-out process, but not a hectic all day affair.

The process of buying a car at Uncle Frank’s became as good as the cars he sold. As a result, he sold more of them.

– Taken from the best-selling book Uncle Frank ‘Sez’/Copyright Tracy Myers