“Tracy Myers is a visionary…
a Walt Disney for a new generation.”

– Brian Tracy, New York Times Best-Selling Author

7 Ways Smart Technology Can Make Customers Happy

small business technologyWith more people using smartphones and tablets to connect to the internet, they increasingly expect to be able to make purchases and get information wherever they are and whatever the time.

Businesses of all sizes that fail to meet these expectations will find themselves losing customers.

Yet those businesses that harness the potential of technology can use it to create an advantage.

In fact, a major benefit for smaller businesses is that they can offer the best of both worlds by combining the attractions of the latest technology with the old-fashioned personal touch.

Today’s customers want the power of technology but they also want to be treated as individuals.

The key is to ensure technology improves your service rather than creates a barrier between you and your customers.

Here are seven ways smaller businesses can make the most of technology while ensuring their service to customers is highly personalized.

  1. Providing better information: One of the easiest ways to enhance your customer service is to ensure customers have easy access to the information they need. A good start is just making sure that people can easily find details of your products and services online and find out where you are and how to contact you.
  2. Enhancing relationships: Creating a strong social media presence can help you stay in touch more easily with customers and help them learn more about you.
  3. Answering customer questions: Being able to handle questions quickly and easily can help you improve relationships and make more sales – this can be done through social media sites such as Twitter, through live online chat services and by using email. Speed of response is critical to success.
  4. Improving communication: Technology such as call-routing can make things easier for customers by ensuring they are talking to the right people to deal with their questions or issues. It’s vital to make sure this technology makes it easier for customers rather than raising barriers.
  5. Tailoring services to individuals: The more you know about your customers and their preferences, the easier it is to give them what they want. Collecting the right data will help you deliver information and services relevant to each individual.
  6. Making it easier to buy: The right technology makes it easier for people to buy what they want by simplifying and speeding up the purchase process. You can help people to find the right solution for their specific needs.
  7. Offering more channels of contact: The more ways someone can contact you, the more likely they are to buy. You can integrate different methods of purchase and communication – especially to take advantage of the growing popularity of mobile. Orders can be placed and tracked on smartphones and text messages can be used to communicate important information.

Many business owners worry that technology comes between them and their customers but the truth is that technology can enhance the relationship. Used correctly, it helps you get to know your customers, communicate with them better and satisfy their needs more effectively.

Customers want to work with businesses that use technology to save them money and make their lives easier. And most employees adapt easily to technology without needing time-consuming and costly training.

The key to success for the modern business is harnessing the full advantage of developing technologies while still delivering the personal touch that encourages customers to keep coming back.

– For More About The Author, Tracy Myers, visit his website at: TracyMyers.com

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Tracy Myers Guests On The Sean Moffett Show

Sean Moffett Radio ShowTracy Myers, CMD. Founders of The Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group, was interviewed on the nationally syndicated radio program The Sean Moffett Show.  The show was heard on October 10, 2013 on the Lifestyle Radio Network.

The Sean Moffett Show is a weekly, one hour, call in radio show in New York, NY. Sales, Business, and the use of Social Media are the focus of the show. Topics include how to excel in social media, why social media is the only way to grow your business today, and how to monetize your social media platforms for business success. Callers and listeners are lead through the do’s and don’t of sales, business, and social media today to provide success on all levels.

Moffett spoke with Myers about the upcoming Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group meeting. The Unfair Advantage Mastermind Group is a gathering of an exclusive group of the top automotive professionals in the country who are committed to recession proofing their incomes and are serious about increasing their business ten fold. The Growth Sessions are held 3 times per year in Charlotte, NC and are by invitation only. Preferred Vendor Partners include: Promax Unlimited, Dealer World, America’s Most Liked Dealer Services, Fidelis, What’s Next Media, DealerRE and Autopro Training Solutions.

About The Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group

The Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group will hold its first meeting October 13, 14 & 15 2013 at the Embassy Suites in Charlotte, NC. It’s NOT an auto conference and NOT a 20 Group. It’s the best of both w/ NO sales pitches & FREE for members! For more information or to apply for free membership, visit http://www.UnfairAdvantageMastermind.com

About Tracy E. Myers, CMD

Tracy is an award-winning small business marketing & branding solutions specialist, car dealership owner, best-selling author, speaker, business coach and entrepreneur. He is commonly referred to as The Nation’s Premier Automotive Solutions Provider while Best-Selling author and legendary speaker Brian Tracy called him “a visionary… a Walt Disney for a new generation.”

He is also a Certified Master Dealer and was the youngest ever recipient of the National Quality Dealer of the Year award by the NIADA, which is the highest obtainable honor in the used car industry. His car dealership, Frank Myers Auto Maxx, was recently recognized as the number one Small Business in NC by Business Leader Magazine, one of the Top 3 dealerships to work for in the country by The Dealer Business Journal, one of the Top 15 Independent Automotive Retailers in the United States by Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine and one of the fastest growing privately owned small businesses in America by Inc. magazine.

Tracy has been featured in publications such as Forbes, USA Today and Success Magazine, been profiled on The Biography Channel and The History Channel, written for Fast Company, been a guest business correspondent for the FOX News Network plus he’s appeared on NBC, ABC and CBS affiliates across the country. His inspirational stories and strategies for success have given him the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Jack Canfield, Zig Ziglar (Author of See You At The Top), James Malinchak (Star of ABC’s The Secret Millionaire), Brian Tracy, Bob Burg (Co-Author of The Go-Giver), Tom Hopkins and Neil Strauss (Author of The Game & Co-Author of The Dirt with Motley Crue)…just to name a few.

Tracy is recognized as one of the top thought-leaders in the business world and has authored or co-authored 7 best-selling books alongside Brian Tracy (Author of Eat That Frog), Jack Canfield (Author of The Secret, Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), Tom Hopkins (Author of How To Master The Art Of Selling) and many others, including the breakthrough #1 hit YOU Are The Brand, Stupid!. He was also featured in the Emmy nominated film “Car Men”, which won 5 Telly Awards, and is an Executive Producer of the film “Esperanza”.

As the founder of his own coaching & consulting program, Tracy teaches ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners how to get noticed, gain instant credibility, make millions and dominate their competition by building their expert brand.

Tracy spends his spare time with charities that are close to his heart and has made his home in Lewisville, NC with his wife Lorna and their two children, Presley and Maddie

For more info about Tracy, visit his official website at http://www.tracymyers.com



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