Award-winning small business marketing & branding solutions specialist, Tracy Myers, presented his keynote “YOU Are The Brand” at the sold out ConvergeSouth technology and business conference in Greensboro on October 12, 2012 at the Elon School of Law in Greensboro, NC. 

He shared tips that any business can use on building a brand. Here are a few:

– Create a website with great lead capture and that features you as the brand. Your website should be an extension of you and feature you, Myers says. Many business leaders don’t want to be the face of the company, but even in our technologically driven times people do business with other people, he told the audience.

– Give something to get something, whether it be to get people in the door or to build sales. During one promotion, Myers’ car dealership offered $5 Wal-Mart gift cards to get folks in the door that yielded a high return on investment. He joked that you’d be surprised to find out what people are willing to do for a $5 Walmart gift card.

– Provide customers with helpful information that draws them to your business, such as a blog or a newsletter that people want to read.

– Share success stories from happy customers in every venue — on the Web, in newsletters and on social media — but also be quick to publicly address complaints there as well.

– Self publish a book. It can be a series of articles collected over time, a topic-based special report or one where people submit their own stories for compilation. But publishing a book establishes you as an expert — and allows you to hand out what is essentially a 200-page business card.

– Make a splash in social media. Myers is on Twitter and Facebook constantly and does most of his own posts himself, joking that doing otherwise would be like another man taking out his wife. His tips: Don’t spam; use your own picture and not a logo; update frequently; be creative; have fun; and engage in conversation.

– Give customers a free sample that leaves them wanting to pay for more. Offer free e-books, courses or workshops, but use that as a funnel to get potential customers to pay for items.

Want to learn more about Myers and his work in branding and marketing? Myers would be the first to tell you that more information is available right here on his website.

* Thank you to Amy Dominello Braun with The Business Journal for her contribution to the story.