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Award Winning Ads Versus ROI Producing Ads

There are two types of ads: one wins awards for the agency that created it and one makes money for the client. It is rare for one ad to be able to do both. Below is an example of an award winning ad, or at least one that should be. It was created by BBH, London for Axe Body Spray. It’s visually stunning. In fact, I would even call it art. Here’s the problem. It won’t make one dollar for Unilever, the makers on Axe. The three cardinal sins of this ad? There’s not an irresistible offer, no call to action and no deadline for the offer. So the next time you’re creating the next ad or marketing campaign for your dealership, ask yourself if you want it to win an award or if you want it to make money. Unless you’ve got marketing money to burn like Apple or Coke, the answer should be apparent.

Award Winning Marketing

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Did Your Potential Customer Drive Off?

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Your Friend,
Tracy E. Myers, CMD
Author/Owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx

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